how does it work?

what can we achieve?

long-range and high-tolerance

  • 3X larger distance between transmitter and receiver than commercially available solutions

  • 3X the tolerance to misalignment

light-weight and cost effective

  • Less than 1/10 total weight than commercially available systems

  • No heavy or expensive ferrite field shaping required

low-power to high-power

  • Solutions from a few watts to kilowatts

  • Power drones wirelessly at 100W

  • Charge EVs wirelessly at 3KW

one-to-many charging

  • Patented technology allows multiple receivers to be powered concurrently from one charging pad

  • Does not require complex array of coils on the transmitter side

simple and elegant

  • No control feedback required rom receiver to transmitter

  • Power regulated by the device being charged, rather than by the transmitter

system safety

  • Minimum inductive heating of conductive objects due to high operating frequency

  • Fast & accurate foreign object detection system